Each apartment includes 2 fairly large bedrooms, a kitchen-dining area that merges into the living room to make a very large room, a full bath that is more spacious than normal, and lots of storage closets.

The apartments are unfurnished, but include oak cabinets, a glass-top stove, fridge, dishwasher, garbage disposal and washer/dryer. Each apartment totals about 720 sq. ft.

Cable and internet is included in rent payment.

Options: air conditioning, phone, storage unit. See our rates for more detail.

Utilities: Water, sewer & garbage is included. Electricity & gas is paid by tenant, ranging from $30-50 in the summer, $60-80 in the winter, depending on usage and efficiency.

You have your choice of three floors: ground floor, middle & top.

Parking: one reserved slot per apartment, one in visitor parking.


Living Room and Hallway


Bathroom and Laundry Closet